English DVD Listen and hear English Prouninciation and Grammar on Audio CD

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Listen and Learn the English Language on Audio CD

Audio CD's, are great to listen to whilst on the move around the house, or in the car; absorbing information subconsciously without the strain of studying. Please note these CD discs contain the same sound-track as the DVD's.

To assist with the learning process Audio Content Pages are available in Pdf format.

Volume One      (1)     pdf
Volume Two      (2)     pdf
Volume Three   (3)     pdf

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We have produced three volumes of Audio CD.
For single orders--CD's are packaged using 'Slimline CD cases'
Full sets of three CD's are packaged in high quality DVD type cases.


Returns Policy
Due to an increase in piracy this product cannot be returned. If you are having a problem a replacement will be sent.


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