Learn the English Language on DVD Listen Watch and Learn English Prouncination and Grammar on DVD

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 Learn the English Language on DVD 

Information about disc content

The disc is a standard DVD and will play on your stand alone dvd player. You will also be able to play the disc on your pc, provided you have the appropriate media player installed. We provide two DVD formats Pal and Ntsc. (Orders from the US will automatically receive the Ntsc version).

Once you play the disc you will be presented with the menu page showing the various titles.
Select any title to play, once complete the menu page will be desplayed again allowing you to select another title. Each disc has a run time of aproximately 60 minutes.

 Volume One

  1, The Alphabet
  2, Animals
  3, Basic Verbs
  4, Clothes
  5, Colour
  6, Days, Months & Season
  7, Family
  8, Food & Drink
  9, Irregular Verbs
 10, Numbers
 11, Time
 12, Useful Phrases

Copyright © 2005 C Wray

Volume Two

 1, Directions
 2, Everyday Things
 3, Jobs
 4, Opposite Words
 5, Phrasal Verbs
 6, Places
 7, Prepositions of Place
 8, Sickness
 9, Telephone Language
10, The Body
11, Useful Phrases 2
12, The Weather

Volume Three

 1, Physical Appearance
 2, Personality
 3, Adjectives with -ed or -ing
 4, Comparatives & Superlatives
 5, Countable & Uncountable
 6, Past Participle Pronunciation
 7, Relative Clauses
 8, Sports, Hobbies & Interests
 9, The Passive Voice
10, The Past
11, Words with TH

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Returns Policy
Due to an increase in piracy this product cannot be returned. If you are having a problem a replacement will be sent.
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